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Designed for Health, Wellness, and Healthcare Technology businesses.

How Can I Help Your Business Grow & Scale?

V dot V Marketing offers a holistic approach to taking your vision and translating it into an actionable marketing process that will help your health & wellness business evolve and grow. Implementing a consistent and innovative marketing process is how sales success happens. Choose and option below and click each icon to learn more.


Make marketing and branding the easiest thing on your calendar.


Bring me on board with your team as your part time, Chief Marketing Officer.



Define your place in the marketing field, or pivot your career direction.



Start with the Marketing Audit to review and
diagnose everything your brand touches.

Let's develop a marketing strategy that creates clarity and drives engagement.

Every highly successful brand has their brand “book” and brand strategy outlined in a key document based on consumer feedback, insights and marketplace intelligence. Every business needs this no matter what stage or how big or small. Your business deserves the same sound strategic framework. Put a stop to trying the latest DIY marketing tactics that are lackluster and have low impact on your prospects and customers. Let's develop a marketing strategy that creates clarity and drives engagement.


Growth doesn't
just happen.

It takes a clear positioning strategy and a brand driven marketing plan.


Vicky Vitarelli:
Chief Marketing Officer & Brand Strategist

From a SaaS healthcare tech pioneer, MasterCard to Univision, the New York Jets. I’ve been asked to re-imagine, transform, extend, and build brands and teams from the ground up with remarkable success. Having diverse experience across multiple categories brings the wisdom of many businesses with practical implementation and big picture strategy. People see me as a high-energy leader and brand champion with a passion for challenge, and I put everything I have into everything I do.

Proven experience with these brands you know and love: