Part Time CMO

Your business is about to hit record new levels – woo hoo! You need to formalize marketing in your organization and cannot afford a FT Head of Marketing (yet).  Up until now, marketing has lived on your busy to-do list and maybe one or two other people who need leadership and tighter direction.  You need someone with leadership presence and who can get into the weeds and make magic happen.

I will get your marketing feeling like a department. Your vision will lead the way to create :

A marketing plan | Cohesive positioning strategy | Team and skills structure | Necessary training plan | Hold the team accountable on goals and deliverables



Intensive Short Term Projects

You have a business and a plan. You need to tighten the screws and get clarity around some specific aspects of marketing. You realize you need to :

Create a stronger brand positioning for clarity in the market place | Have a consistent brand voice internally and externally for impact | Get a sales process that is in sync with other areas of the customer journey | Launch a new line of business and fit it into the marketing mix | Figure out which specialists to hire to create more awareness of your product or service



Let's GO!

You have started a business on your own (congratulations!) and not sure where to begin with all of this “marketing stuff”. You need the advice and guidance of an expert and are comfortable DIY’ing the early and critical aspects of establishing your brand.

I will be hosting classes where you can network with other business owners and collaborate with like minded pros to set the foundation for your brand positioning and get to a place of clarity and action.