the organized brand®

Marketing strategy that creates clarity and drives engagement.

Your company is growing and you need to get everyone on the same page before your next big launch... 

Have you been trying DIY marketing tactics and seeing low impact results on your prospects and/or customers? Maybe your current marketing just isn't working, or could work for your competitor (try it!). Are you treating marketing and branding as the SAME thing? What kind of feedback are you collecting from your customers outside of sales numbers? Are your social media posts intentional or just a reflection of the current moment? If you're finding that your brand and messaging are not cohesive; 

It's time to level up and have an expert in your corner.


What If...

You had a brand manifesto and marketing playbook organized for setting your company’s culture, helping you to make marketing decisions and work with creative teams.

The truth is that highly successful brands have their brand “book” and brand strategy outlined in a key document based on consumer feedback and insights and marketplace intelligence.

Every business needs this no matter what stage or how big or small. Your business deserves the same sound strategic framework. We're here to help your company get to the same level of discipline and build a brand building culture; so you can move right on up the ranks in your respective industry and keep on keepin’ on with your products and services. You’ll spend less time hemming and hawing about marketing decisions and briefing creative teams with off the cuff ideas. You will get your brand to stand out and create marketing campaigns that drive sales, build a community of fans and create long lasting customer relationships.


the Organized Brand®

Here's how to get to the plan:


Start with The Marketing Audit

Needs analysis for Launching Businesses
Here, we will review all the current and future touch points of your brand to see if there are any - gaps in messaging, style, and look - so you can decide if investing in The Organized Brand is for you.

Once you've completed The Marketing Audit, you'll move on to Step 1 of The Organized Brand!

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Step 1- Positioning & Canvas Statement

Definition of the business as a PLATFORM vs. JUST a product or service.
After the Marketing Audit, we'll move on to customer and internal research/feedback – creating a proprietary survey via SurveyMonkey or gForms // Competitive analysis of the market place // Target audience(s) defined // “Special sauce” clearly outlined // Reasons to believe


Step 2- Vision, Mission & Values

Company culture manifesto – What do you want your company to be known for?
These values drive and define the company culture – everyone on the same page, walking and talking and building toward same goal vs. just getting the next thing done. Filters that help with decision-making. E.g. Is this xxx on brand? Does it feel right to partner with xx? Use xx as a vendor? Have xx represent our company?


Step 3- Key Content Pillars & Key Messages

The core topics or categories of focus.
Designed for thought leadership and unified messaging strategy and plan vs haphazard messaging. “On brand” themes that build a unique brand platform that set the business up for competitive advantage and growth vs just churn and burn sales.