Make marketing and branding the easiest thing on your calendar.


Give your to-do list a refresh.


Let's develop a marketing strategy that creates clarity and drives engagement.

Your company is growing and you need to get everyone on the same page before your next big launch. 

(Or you are spent from trying the latest DIY marketing tactics that are lackluster and have low impact on your prospects and customers.)


What If...

You had a brand manifesto and your marketing playbook all organized for setting your company’s culture, making marketing decisions and working with creative teams?

The truth is highly successful brands have their brand “book” and brand strategy outlined in a key document based on consumer feedback and insights and marketplace intelligence.

Every business needs this no matter what stage or how big or small. Your business deserves the same sound strategic framework!

Trusted by brands you know like MasterCard, Univision, The New York Jets and a healthcare tech/SaaS pioneer.

Meet Vicky of V dot V. a marketing and branding expert.

We are here to help your company get to the same level of discipline and build a brand building culture.  So you can move right on up the ranks in your respective industry and keep on keepin’ on with your products and services. You’ll spend less time hemming and hawing about marketing decisions and briefing creative teams with off the cuff ideas. You will get your brand to stand out and create marketing campaigns that drive sales, build a community of fans and create long lasting customer relationships.

I’ve aggregated all of this experience into The Organized Brand ™


What is The Organized Brand ™?

What's included?


Marketing & Content Strategy Calendar – Where and when all this messaging gets to the target audience to build awareness and drive interest/attention to the brand/organization.

The Organized Brand is for you if:

You’re expanding your team and need to get everyone on the same page (quickly)

Money spent on creative resources has been seen as a “waste” or of “little value”

Your next social post is as good as what’s going on that minute

You are ready to level up your marketing and have an expert in your corner

You think marketing and branding are the SAME thing

Your brand and messaging are not cohesive

You have not collected feedback from your customers outside of sales #s

Your current marketing could work for your competitor (try it!)


Schedule a 20 min free consultation call to see how The Organized Brand can help your business and set your 2018 plans in clear motion.