OMG - DId you hear about the latest trademark news?

No, this one isn’t about P&G’s trademark filing of “LOL”. This is possibly much bigger - JK ; )

It’s The Organized Brand® - my own trademark! Woo-hoo!

It was important to me to protect the name of a service I was creating “The Organized Brand®” brand, especially in what has become a very commoditized and competitive landscape. I reached out to trademark expert and longtime friend Laurie Marshall, Esq. of Marshall Law Group; PLLC to get her advice about how to protect my work. Here’s why -  if I saw something similar, I would be crushed. Not to mention - all of my resources invested in my brand and business would need to be renamed and redirected to a new identity - including website domain; business cards; forms; templates; etc. etc..

Where did The Organized Brand ® name come from?

I love organizing - people, papers, ideas and yes, brands too! I always tell people if you put me in a room of chaos, I’m comfortable because I know I can sort it out quickly. Every project I’ve worked on was about starting something new and creating systems. I put my love for organizing and brand strategy together to create “The Organized Brand®”. Marketing can be messy and confusing these days. Many business owners hear “The Organized Brand® and say, “yesss...I need that!”

Now, my brand is protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Should you consider trademark protection?

My many years of working with in-house counsel on trademark and copyright issues have taught me well. Many copyright cases came up for MasterCard’s award-winning “Priceless” campaign and also working for an NFL team - The NY Jets - infringement was always and issue and we had cease and desist letters at the ready for people or businesses using our name and marks - for financial gain - without any permission. Additionally I had to make sure all marks stayed current and their name and logos were registered.  

I will leave the legal ease to the attorneys and experts on this subject. Many helpful links and references are below.

In the meantime, ask yourself the following questions to see if trademark protection is something you should consider:

  1. Are you sure no one else is using your unique business name elsewhere?

  2. Would you be upset or annoyed if you came across something very similar or received one of those emails from a colleague that said, “came across this, thought you should see …”

  3. Do you want protection for the business you have built or the naming idea you have created so no one else can infringe upon that?

  4. Do you believe the name of your business is really unique and special?

  5. If you think owning a website or LLC is owning your business name, you are wrong. #sorry

Below are some resources to explore if I’ve piqued your curiosity. Also you can give Laurie a call - tell her I sent you.

Are you getting ready for 2019? If you’re feeling like you need help organizing your brand, let’s get together ASAP before #fomo sets in.