Hello Friends!

I get asked a lot, "So, Vicky what have you been up to? What are you doing these days?" I thought I'd share some updates and highlights of what keeps me busy on my website. Thanks in advance for reading. I hope we can get together soon!

Having my own business for the past two+ years has been a welcome journey. I've been working with clients in the health & wellness space. This has brought me a wide array of knowledge of teens, scoliosis, functional medicine, wine, Pilates, beauty and art to name a few.

My part-time CMO gig is my full time job. Many small and medium size businesses need marketing expertise! There are plenty of Founders and CEOs who are scaling up and who need to get marketing off their to-do list and build and train a team. That's where I come in

So - you LOVE marketing? Navigating a career in marketing is a hearty combination of art and science and is ever evolving. I've climbed across categories and industries and frequently get asked to help someone navigate their path. Now it's official - I'm here to help

I love hearing stories and knowing the latest and greatest with your world. I'm in NYC often and always near my phone or Skype. Let's find a time to connect here.