The #summerslide. My son has numerous summer assignments that are designed to minimize the #summerslide. You’ve heard of that right? – the loss of academic skills during the summer break. What about #marketingslide or #digitalslide? Falling back on what you learned or should be learning because “I’ve got this – it’s all good." I make it a point to read, listen and work on all kinds of technology and programs for my clients so we all evolve in the ever changing landscape of marketing and business.

Below is suggested #summerslide reading for marketers and business owners to ponder.

E-sports is the Future

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends report is a much anticipated read each year. While I read this, these trends are unfolding via my kids and their time on the www. Grab a cuppa as it is a long, juicy tale of trends in the digital space. The digital landscape is nothing to be afraid of – and one to stay on top of. By way of example, I recently had to explain to a peer how to log into wi-fi at our local coffee shop. PS – her kids had to explain the cloud to her. Don’t pretend to know this stuff – learn it!

Micro-Clanning & FutureTense

Another person I enjoy reading is Faith Popcorn. Yes, she is a real person, if you are not aware. This is her prediction of 2017 Trends. Let’s take a mid-year check in at what she calls Micro-Clanning and FutureTense (scary!) At first when I read this piece I thought it was WAY out there, but as time has passed, I actually think some of this is not so crazy given world events and anxiety levels.

Investment Advice

Age Proof by Jean Chatzsky Living Longer without Running out of Money or Breaking a Hip This book discusses the important connection between our physical health and our financial wealth. Her biggest piece of investment advice – invest in your health! Yep. She talks about how 84% of healthcare spending goes towards chronic illnesses of which 75% are PREVENTABLE! Imagine preventing those costs?!

What are you reading?

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